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Customers like to communicate through chat apps. This includes communication with companies. Chat app communication increases customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and customer retention. If you don’t use chat apps yet for your customer care, you’d implement this ASAP. That is, if you don’t want to lose valuable customers. Here, we’ll give you 5 useful tips to effectively deploy chat apps.

Customer contact has a huge influence on your customer experience. Customers will more likely connect with your brand and buy more often when your customer service is eminent. This means that you should always be available via the channels your consumers want to use.

Until recently, social media channels were the most popular among consumers. But these channels have been surpassed in monthly active users by chat apps. Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Telegram and WhatsApp are the place to be if you want to reach your customers. Most consumers are familiar with these communication channels, which makes the contact very informal and user-friendly. To get all the benefits from customer service through chat apps, you need to be aware of the features of these channels. To help you get started, we’ll give you some helpful tips.

1. Be found online

Chat apps are not meant to approach customers unsolicited. In fact, it is not even allowed to contact them without opt-in. Therefore, you have to make sure that consumers know they can reach you through chat apps themselves. For example, you can add buttons on your website, and mention through which channels you can be reached. Also indicate how fast they can expect a response through these channels. For example: email within 2 days, FB Messenger within 30 minutes. This will ensure more traffic to your chat app.

2. Be personal

Although a chat app lends itself to personal contact with your customers, it can also provoke the opposite if you do not clearly indicate who the consumer is talking to. Therefore, always end your first message with your name, for example, ^Simon. This way the customer knows that he is talking with an employee and not with a chatbot.

3. Be Fast

We already mentioned that it is wise to display a response time. However, this response time will work against you if you cannot realize it. There are several things that you can do to ensure that you can realize a fast response time. You can set up an out-of-office for example, so that your customers immediately receive a response. This to indicate when they will be assisted by an employee, even if your customer service is unmanned. Another way to help customers feel heard, is using quick responses. Quick responses will help you respond faster to frequent questions or comments. For example, you can set phrases like “I’m going to figure this out for you straight away." or “It was a pleasure to help you. Have a great day." as quick response so you can send it with one easy click.

4. Be connected

Even if you quickly respond to incoming calls from customers, but still have them wait for you to relevant data in your CRM system, they won’t be very satisfied. Therefore, you need to make sure your messaging channels are directly linked to your CRM. This way, you can immediately find and give them the right information. Additionally, you can make sure that your chat conversation is automatically saved in your CRM so that your customer profiles are always up to date.

5. Be prepared

As with all new technologies, accessibility through chat apps are expected to become the standard by most customers. As it is an easy way for consumers to reach a company quickly and directly, you cannot stay behind here. There are also many integrated features that chat apps can offer, for example the real-time boarding passes and travel information from KLM via Facebook Messenger. Make sure you invest in chat apps so you can exceed the customers’ expectations and stay ahead of competitors.

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