6 tips to offer the best Appcare

avatar Simon Torenbeek

Appcare is the new webcare. About 5 years ago, contacting a business through public social media channels gained popularity. Most medium and large sized companies now have a webcare team taking care of this valuable communication channel. The last couple of years, the more private channels such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram or WhatsApp are becoming more populair, also in the customer care sector. Right now, companies are searching for ways to handle the high amount of messages coming in via those chatapps. We are happy to give some valuable tips on how to offer the best appcare.

*Appcare tip 1/6*

Be clear. Whenever your appcare is not available, make sure you have an automatic Out of Office reply running to manage the customers’ expectations.


*Appcare tip 2/6*

Make sure to answer quickly and correctly. A long response time will result in a negative customer experience.


*Appcare tip 3/6*

Your customers choose to contact you through their favourite communication channel. Join them on these channels.


*Appcare tip 4/6*

Know the culture of the used communication channels. E-mails are formal, chat messages informal. Be aware of these differences but don’t overdo it.


*Appcare tip 5/6*

Make yourself known. A conversation is more personal and pleasant if you say which employee the customer is talking to.


*Appcare tip 6/6*

More people are contacting businesses through chatapps, but not all customers know about this possibility. Power your customer satisfaction, let them know they can reach you via chatapps!


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