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With GIN, you can easily integrate all your communication channels into one clear dashboard. Find out more about GIN’s features.

GIN started in November 2016 as part of CM Group. CM noticed the rising demand for a tool to create overview in the chaos of all the communication channels. Development started immediately and the first workable version of GIN successfully launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. GIN currently works with pilot customers, which provides us with vital feedback for the development of new features.


Customer care federation

GIN is member of the Dutch customer care federation (Klantenservice Federatie, KSF), a lively industry association in the turbulent world of customer care.

The KSF defends interests in the Dutch politics, makes sure education and the job market are of high quality and initiates events to share knowledge and inspiration. GIN is part of the Innovation Board of the KSF, a group of companies in the customer care market with the mission to inspire others about customer care in the future.

Part of CM

GIN is part of CM, a Dutch company with over 18 years of experience in the messaging business. CM grew in the SMS business, but expanded fast towards other related markets. Online identification, payments, voice products and of course chat apps like Facebook Messenger and Telegram are now included in CM’s portfolio.


Gin is member of Contactcentres.be, the sector association of contact centers in Belgium. It’s mission is to guarantee the value of each customer contact point.
Contactcentres.be defends interests in the Belgian contact center industry with the aim of increasing jobs, providing education, promoting a positive image and monitoring quality in the sector.

GIN and Contactcentres.be organized a successful event about Artificial Intelligence and messaging apps in customer care, with a practical example of Octa+.

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