The best appcare versus protection of personal data?

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Appcare offers many possibilities for efficient customer care. Amongst others, you can easily connect conversations on different platforms to specific customer agents who can seamlessly transfer these to other colleagues. But with these benefits, you have to be aware of the consequences for the privacy of your client. How do you make sure you don’t only meet the wishes of your customer but also the demands for the protection of personal data?

Consumers tend to choose the appcare platform that brings them the fastest response to their questions. Therefore, they will not always consider important issues such as data encryption and where data is stored. The customer care team however can make important choices in order to meet the responsibilities towards handling personal data of your customers. You want to prevent personal data to be out in the open due via an unsafe server?

Privacy-gin-platform-serversAppcare with high quality servers

First things first. If you want to protect your customer data that is processed via apps like Facebook Messenger, you’ll need high quality servers on which your data is stored locally. Many companies host their data with the cheapest party, which generally means data is stored and processed by a third party in America. This means the Patriot Act applies to your data and the US government has the right to look into this data. GIN, as part of CM Telecom, uses CM’s high-end servers in the Netherlands, keeping your data safe without the interference of third parties.

Two-factor Authentication in appcare

Do you want to bundle the different available social channels to offer the best appcare? Make sure the tool is safe to use for customer communications. Are your conversations encrypted? And does the login procedure require a second factor of authentication? With GIN, Two-factor Authentication is required for each login attempt. By adding Two-factor Authentication, you’ll limit the risk of cyberattacks significantly and prevent others will gain access to your data.

In spite of safe login procedures and high-end servers, you have to realise that many of the app care channels are based in the USA. Data from these American based chatapps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger will be processed in America, meaning the Patriot Act still applies. To easy their user’s minds, most services boast about their presence of data encryption. This would mean that the sent data can only be read by the sender and receiver. Whether this is true, can be questioned. Therefore, we advise you to still use these chatapps with caution. If you want to exchange privacy sensitive data such as bank account numbers or login codes, you might want to send these via email.

Would you like to know if your appcare meets the requirements for the protection of personal data and what you can do to improve your data protection? Please contact us for more information.

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