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5 tips for effective communication in through chat apps


Customers like to communicate through chat apps. This includes communication with companies. Chat app communication increases customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and customer retention. If you don’t use chat apps yet for your…


How to: Facebook Messenger for business


Customer contact via Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger is an unmissable element in the modern way of communication. Both consumers and companies use it as a communication channel. But how to handle this channel? In this infographic you will find information


Are you ready for chatbots too?


Over the last few years, chatbots have gone through some major changes. Even though they were off to a rocky start, we’re now finally seeing some that are successfully designed and implemented. Now that chatbots have matured into valuable assistants,

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Facebook Messenger: good for business or just hype?


Customer care agents have many diverse channels at their disposal when they want to talk to and actively reach their customers. Depending on your goals, some channels are more suitable than others. One of the channels that is said to


Appcare: what is it?


Appcare is the online customer support of any organisation through consumer messaging apps. More and more companies use consumer messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat to answer customer questions or solve their complaints. Haven’t implemented appcare yet?