Appcare: what is it?


Appcare is the online customer support of any organisation through consumer messaging apps. More and more companies use consumer messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat to answer customer questions or solve their complaints. Haven’t implemented appcare yet?


GIN platform now offers SMS communication


Reaching your customers has just become much easier. Now anyone using GIN can also use SMS for customer contact. How will this new feature grow your reach and enrich your customer contact? As a result of this integration, your customers

customer experience

How to improve the customer service experience for loyal customers


Optimising your customer service experience is essential for the success of your company. Consider for a moment the difference between the word-of-mouth of a happy customer and a dissatisfied customer. Where the first will tell between 4 to 6 potential


New ways to improve customer care: GIN adds new features


Our GIN developers keep on building to add new features to your customer contact tool. Though there is much more to come, we are happy to already give you an update on the added possibilities. These new features will help you


The best appcare versus protection of personal data?


Appcare offers many possibilities for efficient customer care. Amongst others, you can easily connect conversations on different platforms to specific customer agents who can seamlessly transfer these to other colleagues. But with these benefits, you have to be aware of

Angry customer

Webcare guide to answering your customer’s questions right


Webcare as a tool can no longer be ignored in current businesses. With social media, both companies and customers have found a new stage for their communications. Because of this public stage, a negative conversation on social media can have great