Chatbots in customer care

Everyone talks about it since they’ve made a huge jump in popularity last year. Chatbots. But what are chatbots, what does the GIN chatbot do and how can you benefit from this virtual assistant?

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a smart piece of software that automatically replies to the input like a question, remark or complaint. Chatbots currently come in many different appearances. Usually chatbots are programmed and static. With such a chatbot, you’ll ‘feel’ you are chatting with a robot instead of a human. In most cases, such a chatbot can lead to an unpersonal and awkward conversation, something you don’t want in the world of customer service.

The GIN chatbot works a bit differently. This GINbot is like a virtual assistant: it helps the customer care agent with his daily activities and makes those tasks easier. By analyzing all the incoming and outgoing messages on repetitive keywords, our chatbot will automatically learn how to answer common questions the way you do. After analysing your conversations for a while, the chatbot will start giving answer suggestions. This way, the customer care agent is in control of the conversation but he will be able to work way more efficiently and give more accurate replies to customers.

Why does GIN use chatbots?

The world of customer contact changes quickly. Many organisations are expected to be available via all social channels. And their responses also need to be close to immediate. This can be quite the challenge for your customer care team. Controlling more channels and more interactions will increase the pressure on your team. That is why we offer support in the form of a chatbot.

How does GINbot work?

Human contact remains one of the most important aspects of good customer service. Therefore, we don’t want the chatbot to replace but to complement your customer care agent.

Our chatbot learns from the employee and will give suggestions based on what he’s learned. The employee will stay in control of the answers that are sent. This application of a chatbot lightens the customer care agent’s workload and makes sure the same answer will be given to the same questions, making sure the whole customer care department stays inline.

With the answer suggestions, an accuracy estimation is shown. In the example above, the GINBot is 70% sure to have the first answer right. The more interactions you have, the more GINBot will learn from you and its accuracy indication will rise. At a certain moment, the chatbot will have great accuracy on the most common questions. This is when you can choose to let the chatbot automatically answer this question. For example when the accuracy indication is below 95%, the question will be handed over to the customer care agent.

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