GIN and CM

A lot of people ask us about the relationship between CM Group B.V. and GIN. We work together on a very detailed level, since GIN is part of CM. Want to find out how and why GIN started? You will read all about it below.

The relationship

After starting off with SMS technology in 1999, CM has evolved into an open platform with various services and products for Messaging, Payments, Security and Voice.

CM noticed the increasing demand for implementing social channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat and Line for Businesses. Next to that, CM wanted to add the possibility for customers to implement chatbots.

Therefore, GIN was launched in November 2016. GIN builds on the strengths and benefits of CM, including a team of experienced developers. Within a few months, a stable and extensive platform was designed and built, and still this team works passionately to futher develop the GIN platform each day.

About CM

CM has broad experience with messaging and customer care. For all its products and services, CM established a Network Operations Centre where our support colleagues work in shifts to control the GIN platform. Always.

In the Netherlands, CM has a banking licence, works for the government and is a certified Digital Identity Service Provider. CM works according to the ISO 27001 standards and owns a big amount of servers to store all data securely.

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