How to connect Facebook Messenger to GIN?

you’ll read exactly 
how to connect Facebook Messenger to the GIN dashboard below.

In the ‘Settings’ menu, click ‘Channels’.

Click ‘Add channel’ at Facebook.

Click ‘Start’.

Click ‘Continue with Facebook’.

A pop-up will appear in which you can safely log in with your existing Facebook credentials.

Follow the steps in this pop-up. Choose what you allow GIN to do on your Facebook account.

Select the page you want to connect to GIN. Attention: you need to have administrator roles on this page to be able to make the connection with GIN. Read HERE how to get these admin rights.

Make sure
the box ‘Send messages from pages I manage’ is ticked and hit OK.

In the GIN dashboard, click on the page you want to connect.

Done! From now on, you can send and receive messages within GIN from the connected Facebook page.

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