Customer care via RCS

The world of mobile communication is changing drastically. Rich Communication Services (RCS), Google’s replacement of SMS, will soon be launched. And as a partner of Google, GIN is the first customer contact tool to implement RCS. What will this new communication channel mean to you?

What is RCS: A comparison with SMS

SMS has been a highly successful tool to reach customers for over 20 years. Still, RCS offers a function that is limited with SMS messaging. In contrast to SMS, RCS is interactive. This means you can add photo’s, video’s and branding to your messages.

Also, you can send items such as read-confirmations and QR codes with your RCS message. Considering the functionalities, RCS would seem more similar to Facebook Messenger than the traditional SMS. However, RCS has one essential similarity with SMS. Just like SMS messages, RCS messages are sent via the carrier network instead of the internet. Because of the reliability of the carrier network, your RCS message will always reach its destination.

This is how RCS will change the world of customer care

Because of our partner program with Google, GIN is the first customer contact tool to implement RCS. This means that you can interactively communicate with consumers via the GIN dashboard, using the stability of the telecom network. Also, chatbots are supported in the RCS protocol. This means consumers can expect a response more quickly. Moreover, consumers will no longer have to pay for messaging like he did with SMS. Communicating with companies with RCS is free, which will increase your reachability and make your customer satisfaction skyrocket!

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Because RCS operates on the telecom networks, providers will have to make some changes in the network. This means it may take a little longer for GIN to be available on your provider. The pilot GIN is participating in, will start in America. By the end of 2017, RCS will come to Europe with a still unknown number of active providers.

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