Facebook Messenger: good for business or just hype?

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Facebook messenger

Customer care agents have many diverse channels at their disposal when they want to talk to and actively reach their customers. Depending on your goals, some channels are more suitable than others. One of the channels that is said to be useful for most purposes is Facebook Messenger. But is this really something you should explore or is it just hype?

The social media channel Facebook is hugely popular amongst consumers to communicate with friends and family. Because of this, many companies were reluctant to join this social media channel. As well they should. Not because Facebook isn’t the right place for businesses to communicate with consumers but because consumers originally didn’t want to communicate with companies the same way they do with their friends. However, times have changed. And with Facebook Messenger, the messaging app connected to this social media platform, the game has changed dramatically.

Reasons to join FB Messenger

With over 1,2 billion active users on Facebook Messenger, this one-on-one communication channel proves to be a very successful tool for B2C communications. In fact, consumers actually want and expect companies to be available via Facebook Messenger for personal communications and service. No wonder, more and more different types of businesses are using FB Messenger to reach their audience.

Facebook Messenger offers a user friendly way to make your company accessible. Not just because the channel is free to use, but also because the consumer can now reach you the same way they would their friends. And in contradiction to communication on the Facebook platform, communication via Messenger is private, allowing consumers to transfer privacy sensitive information to you.

Limitations of Facebook Messenger

One of the fundamental reasons for companies to use the Facebook social media platform is so they can send targeted advertisements to consumers all over the world. If you think this is not possible via the chat app Messenger, you’re mistaken. In fact, Facebook is testing advertisements in their messenger chat app. This way, you can attract even more people to your chat.

And when your (potential) customers have reached you and started a chat conversation, the possibilities for customer engagement and customer satisfaction are rich. You can easily share multimedia, locations and documents such as boarding passes. Consider, for example the way KLM has implemented FB messenger for customer interaction.

This is just one of the many successful implementations of Facebook Messenger by companies. Consumers comfortably use this communication channel. Likewise, consumers are generally more satisfied about the way issues are handled, compared to e-mail and phone. Therefore, it is a great channel to lift customer satisfaction.

As you can see, Facebook Messenger has long passed the possibility of being dismissed as hype. Many companies already discovered the many benefits of it and it’s now one of the most used communication channels. Therefore, it is definitely good for business to be present on this channel and even better to actively direct traffic there. If you handle your conversations right, this will give a great boost to your customer satisfaction.

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