GIN platform now offers SMS communication

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Reaching your customers has just become much easier. Now anyone using GIN can also use SMS for customer contact. How will this new feature grow your reach and enrich your customer contact?

As a result of this integration, your customers can be reached via SMS as well as messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Telegram and email. SMS is one of the fastest ways to contact your customers and has an open rate of 98% and most messages are read in just a matter of minutes. Also, the integration allows you to reach your audience regardless of where they are, all mobile devices support SMS and no internet connection is required. This makes it a great tool to continue your conversation wherever your customer is.

How does GIN’s SMS feature improve customer contact?

GIN clients can now grow their reach by adding SMS to their customer care strategy. “CM, GIN’s partner, started out offering SMS messaging in 1999. With the integration of SMS, we’ve integrated years of experience in mobile messaging. As CM has shown time and time again, sending and receiving SMS messages to and from your customers grows your reach and engagement,” product coordinator Daan Gönning explains.

In many countries, SMS is still the preferred communication tool for many consumers. By allowing them to interact with you via SMS, you’ll be opening up a whole new market while increasing your availability. An example to illustrate this: imagine being a travel company with a customer contacting you via Facebook Messenger just before boarding. When the system notices they lost internet connection, for example because he arrived at his destination, you can switch to SMS. This way, the conversation will continue just like it would on any other channel. And your customer can still count on you for the right customer contact. This applies to any situation in which internet connection is not available.

All messages in one clear dashboard

With this integration of SMS in the GIN dashboard, all SMS messages to and from your customer’s mobile phone will now be added to the conversation overview.

Conversation overview SMS

This means you can start a conversation on Facebook Messenger, switch to SMS as your customer goes offline and send privacy-sensitive documents via email and finish the conversation via Telegram. The entire multi-channel conversation will be stored in your dashboard, allowing you full insight in the correspondence with each customer.

Want to know more about improving your customer care? Or have you not yet built up an SMS contact list with phone numbers? Most of the social channels already provide your customer’s phone number. Please contact us for more information or request a free demo here.

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