We keep on building: New channels added to the GIN platform

avatar Simon Torenbeek

As you know, our GIN platform already offers easy integration of Facebook Messenger to your appcare. Now, due to our team of determined developers, three new communication channels have been added to the GIN platform: Telegram, email and SMS. From now on you really can be anywhere your customers are.

You can talk to customers who contact you via Facebook, Telegram, e-mail and SMS, all via one clear dashboard. Here, you can see what this dashboard will look like. In the screen you can see from which platform the customer has contacted you. Just like with Facebook Messenger, you can seamlessly transfer conversations to other colleagues. But now, you can also seamlessly switch between channels.

If your customer contacts you via Facebook Messenger, then sends you a message via SMS and then forwards you an email, this will all be part of the same conversation in the same screen. And this works both ways. Are you first chatting via Telegram and you want to send an e-mail with a new contract? Just hit the email icon in the dashboard to switch to the customer’s email.

GIN dashboard multiple channels

Adding channels for a better appcare

By adding SMS to your GIN dashboard, you are adding a communication tool with a 98% open rate. Most of these messages are read in just a few minutes. This makes SMS a highly effective tool to use if the customer needs a quick reply but might not have an internet connection which is needed for appcare via Facebook Messenger, Telegram and email. By adding these platforms to the dashboard, the reach of your appcare not only exceeds online channels, but also let you chat with customers who are not using Facebook.

With over 100 million active users on Telegram and 15 billion messages delivered per day, Telegram cannot be forgotten in international customer care. Of course, email remains the go-to tool for many customers, offering the safest way to transfer more privacy sensitive data. By using all these communication channels, you’ll offer the best customer care for all your different customers in an easy and user friendly way, increasing your reach and improving customer satisfaction.

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