GIN at MWC: Looking back on the future of AI and chatbots

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GIN was at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The many interesting meetings on our stand and the presentations throughout the venues gave us more insights on the desires and demands in the market. Is the market of customer care ready for the integration of artificial intelligence? Ready for chatbots?

Artificial intelligence

As could be expected, artificial intelligence played a big role at the MWC 2017. Both big enterprises and smaller companies spoke about artificial intelligence (AI). For example the IBM stand, which focused mainly on Watson. At this stand, you could test several AI applications. Amongst others, you could explore an interactive and changing piece of art which imitated the works of Gaudí, based on identified patterns of these artworks by Watson.

But also, less known companies presented applications of (artificial) intelligence at the MWC, mostly aimed at facilitating easy communications. For example, there was an application of Connected Healthcare. One small device could enable people in remote areas to contact their doctor. In spite of the distance, this doctor can check his patient’s vitals such as blood pressure or heart rate. Or how about Travis the Translator, the tool of a Dutch startup that can instantly translate what you’ve just said into 80 languages? That sure makes communicating with consumers worldwide a lot easier.

connected-healthcare-artificial intelligence

Speech assistants

Also, speech assistants are clearly on the rise, offering great opportunities for companies to get into contact with consumers. Besides great names like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, other companies showed creative ways to integrate such speech assistants to better service their customers in the future. Multiple applications of speech assistants were demonstrated in everyday objects like mirrors and toys. With these smart implementations, in the future it will become easier and easier for consumers to reach you whatever way they want.

Chatbots and virtual assistants

Also, the role of chatbots could not possibly have gone unnoticed to visitors at the MWC. And the same holds true for GIN. At the MWC, we’ve officially launched GIN to the international market. Especially GINbot -GIN’s chatbot- received a lot of attention at the MWC. During our well visited product workshops and demo’s, it became clear that many businesses think differently about the role of chatbots.

According to our vision, the chatbot is an assistant for the employee instead of a replacement of this employee. The customer care agent should always remain in control over what the chatbot says and does. The chatbot can help the customer care agent to quickly formulate the right answers or lookup relevant information. This way, chatbots are used to fully optimise their qualities to improve the customer experience. Knowing that the chatbots are here to complement instead of to replace the employees, the market is now ready to welcome the GINbot with open arms.

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