New ways to improve customer care: GIN adds new features

avatar Daan Gönning

Our GIN developers keep on building to add new features to your customer contact tool. Though there is much more to come, we are happy to already give you an update on the added possibilities. These new features will help you improve customer satisfaction while improving the efficiency of your work.


Stop wasting time

  • ‘Quick replies’ are added to the platform. Customer care agents can now predefine quick replies based on frequently used sentences. Instead of typing these replies over and over again, you can now fill in the right reply with a shortcut like ‘crtl +1’ or by selecting the quick reply from the menu in the conversation screen. This way, your customer will receive a reply even faster and you’ll have more time to help more customers in need.


Keeping control

  • Another new feature is the ‘conversation overview’. With the conversation overview, the company’s admin can have a clear overview of all ongoing and open conversations. Also, the admin can see what employee is handling which conversations, what the duration of these conversations is and how many messages are sent in each chat. Now -besides the general users- the admin can also archive conversations in the GIN platform and even take over a conversation if necessary.


Organising conversations

  • With tag manager, the admin can create tags for all users to add to conversations put in archive. The tags can be whatever’s relevant for your company, for example ‘complaint’, ‘product delivery’ or ‘opening hours’. The admin can also choose to allow all users to create their own tags. Whatever best suits your company and processes. By using tags, you can easily analyse the type of conversations in relation to duration or channel of this type of conversation. Or use tags to see what type of questions are most frequently asked. This knowledge may be useful to improve your customer service.


Know what’s happening

  • The ‘statistics dashboard’ of GIN was already up and running, but now you can check the analytics in the GIN Statistics 2.0. Besides a new and clearer design, you can now find more information on the conversations. This includes insights from the tag manager and the ability to adjust the time frame you’re analysing. Also, you can analyse the amount of incoming and outgoing messages per channel. Or use the data to inspect messages with a specific tag more in depth, for example communication style or resolved issues.

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