With GIN your customers get modern customer care

Integrate all your communication channels

The smart GIN software centralizes all the communication channels your customers are using. This way, you are easy to reach on all these channels when you only have to monitor one clear dashboard.

Teamwork makes it fun

No matter how big your customer care team is, with GIN you can all work together seamlessly. The conversations with a customers will always be 1-on-1. And every user can be given different rights and roles, for example a team manager who has rights to all the conversations and analytics.

Let our chatbot support you

The GIN chatbot will analyse all conversations committed through GIN. Whenever this virtual assistant recognises patterns, the chatbot will give suggestions for possible answers. This way, the chatbot will become smarter and will support the customer care agent in a way that he has extra time to communicate on a more personal level.

Optimise your workflow

In the conversation overview, you can always access live analytics for all archived conversations. How many messages have been sent? What was the subject? How long did this conversation last? All relevant data is available within GIN.


A personal and proactive conversation

Be able to react personally and proactively to the customer’s questions. On your conversation screen, you will find the latest orders, conversation history, contact details and notes from previous conversations with this customer.


Integrate GIN as an API

With our API, you can use the GIN functionalities in your current customer contact system. Do you want to use parts of the GIN system? No problem, contact us for the possibilities.


Request a GIN demo!

Do you want to optimise your customer care with GIN? Feel free to contact us or request a free demo.