Appcare: what is it?

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Appcare is the online customer support of any organisation through consumer messaging apps. More and more companies use consumer messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat to answer customer questions or solve their complaints. Haven’t implemented appcare yet? Read on to learn why you should.

Appcare is everywhere

Appcare is used by companies that want to reach their customers and -perhaps more importantly- for their customers to reach them. With the amounts of users on the various messaging apps, it is no wonder that appcare is taking over the world of customer support.

For example, WeChat has almost 700 million users a month, Facebook Messenger has over 900 million active users per month and WhatsApp even has 1 billion. This means most or even all of your customers can be found on consumer messaging apps. And they expect to find you there as well. But there are more reasons than just these staggering numbers to adopt appcare.

Appcare is easy

In comparison to the traditionally used communication tools in customer support, such as telephony and email, appcare is a highly user friendly way to have customers reach out to you. Is a customer having a question when he’s shopping in your web shop, is he wondering whether to make a reservation at your restaurant or is he having trouble logging into your online environment? Through appcare, customers can easily find an answer to such questions.

Of course, the customer could try to contact you by calling or mailing. However, the extra effort in finding the right phone number or formulating his question in a formal email can cause your consumer to give up and turn to your competitor. With appcare, the threshold to contact is much lower. Appcare is informal, free and the user is probably already logged in to his social media channel. He’ll just select your company’s profile and send his message, the same way he does so often to his friends.

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Appcare is fast

Unlike the well-known queues in phone contact centres, with appcare the customer can send his message right away. And where waiting for an email reply usually takes a few hours or even a few days, a reply to a WhatsApp message follows a lot sooner. That is because messaging apps are less formal and offer more interaction than an email.

With appcare, you’ll easily start a more informal conversation and ask for more information as the conversation progresses. This means the customer will feel heard and you will be able to ask for the information you need to answer his questions. Do you want to send a first reply even faster? Implement features like quick replies and chatbots as your personal speech assistant.

Appcare is teamwork

Next to the obvious benefits for the consumer such as usability and informal direct interaction, appcare holds another important benefit for companies. When your social messaging apps are integrated in an appcare dashboard the way GIN does, you will be able to seamlessly transfer your 1-on-1 conversations to other employees or departments. This allows you to work efficiently and give customers the service they need. And by adding tags to the conversations, you will be able to make the most out of the available data to analyse and further improve your customer care.

Moreover, you can integrate other channels in your appcare dashboard. This means you can use the various available messaging apps, as well as email and SMS in a single conversation. For example: a customer asks a question via Facebook Messenger, after which you send a data-sensitive document over email, of which you notify them personally via SMS. All these points of contact are shown in the same conversation, offering a clear overview where you can also find the conversation history with this customer.

Not yet convinced that appcare should be part of your customer care strategy? Appcare holds tons more benefits your customer care team can benefit from. We are happy to tell you more about appcare and how this could benefit your company. Contact us for more information or request a free demo.

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