WhatsApp for business

With over 1 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is an immensely popular communication channel. No wonder many companies want to use WhatsApp to target their customers, for example for support, sales or marketing purposes. How can companies start using WhatsApp for business in a reliable, safe and flexible way?

Chatting companies

WhatsApp is one of the channels companies want to use to chat with customers. But there are more channels that matter. Important is to choose the channel(s) that match your customers and offer the reliability that you need.

Want to make sure your message is heard? Be where your customers are. Your customers communicate with each other via chat apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp every day. An accessible company will therefore also be available on these channels to keep the threshold to contact as low as possible.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg once said that you should be able to communicate with companies the way you do with your friends. If you set up your customer communication accordingly, customer satisfaction and loyalty will grow significantly.”

WhatsApp through the GIN platform

We’re regularly asked whether it is possible for companies to use WhatsApp as a customer care channel via GIN. Despite WhatsApp's worldwide popularity, it does not allow companies on its channel yet. However, in the past few weeks a lot of new developments are going on regarding WhatsApp for business. We collect all the facts about WhatsApp for companies, you can read them here. GIN is in the starting blocks to add WhatsApp to all the other integrated channels.

When does GIN start with WhatsApp?

Soon! WhatsApp has announced the link for companies in 2017, officially allowing companies on their channel. As soon as WhatsApp is ready for business accounts, we will immediately implement and activate it in GIN. From that moment on, you can easily integrate reliable WhatsApp for business in your customer care strategy through our dashboard. Read the latest news regarding WhatsApp for business here.

Want to use WhatsApp for your business?

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Think multichannel

Modern day customers expect modern day service. Besides WhatsApp, there are numerous other valuable communication channels for customer contact. For example, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twitter and email. Integrate all these communication channels in one dashboard with GIN. Request your free demo now.

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